Top Tips for Right Now!

Here are our best gardening tips for your garden right now! We hope you find something that will benefit your garden and bring you some gardening success! Here we'll recommend things you can plant, and provide tips on how to maintain an excellent looking garden.

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Isn't it delightful to take in the wonderful natural aromas of the garden? When planting your summer beds, perhaps it would be worth taking into consideration the extensive array of available scents on offer in the plant world. Scents can have all sorts of effects on the human brain, and putting you in control of potentially the first sensory experience of each day is something that gardening can offer 🧠---- Refer to the fragrance wheel for aid in selecting the right scents for you. Take yourself on a journey beyond the constraints of your four walls and plant some stimulating oriental flowers to delight your senses, or perhaps you require invigorating via the means of scent, achieved by planting a more fruity and fresh flower bed πŸ“---- Of course, you can create a mixture of sensory areas if you have the space, each devoted to a certain scent section on the wheel. You will benefit from the soothing qualities of some of the readily available scents you can easily find at your local garden centre πŸ™Œ

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Don't get burnt!

It's really starting to heat up in Britain, so you must be sure to protect yourself and your skin from the harsh sunshine and heat. Sunshine is very good for you and helps to form one of the most vital vitamins for our bodies, vitamin D, so please don't be discouraged to sit in the sun awhile and take it in, but we urge you to be careful πŸ˜ƒ ---- Wear a sunhat, sunglasses to protect your eyesight and sun cream with a high SPF, and take breaks from direct sunlight, this should prevent you from getting burnt and permanently damaging skin cells πŸ₯.

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Gardening for GOOD!

Gardening is a rewarding outlet for individual creativity, connecting us to plants, the soil and surroundings, and health experts now agree that these are all beneficial to our health and wellbeing. Whether you’re creating summer patio displays, sowing crops on the veg plot or allotment, or planting a cutting garden to produce beautiful flowers to pick and bring indoors, there are plenty of exciting projects to start at this time of year 🌍. ---- You can enormously benefit your health through the means of gardening, growing your own fruit and veg is not only incredibly rewarding but also gives you the opportunity to improve your diet πŸ†. ---- Including more herbs and spices and basing your meals around fruit and vegetables is exactly the way to start eating more healthily. You will feel the added benefits of an increased vitamin intake and amongst other things, this will work to improve the health of all of your vital organs. Try to aim to have a rainbow on your plate of different coloured foods, this will give you a great chance of having a good mixture of different nutrients 🌈.

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Plants of the moment

Now is the perfect time to plan and plant for bright, colourful displays and productive plots. Flowers attract bees and insects into our gardens, vital for the pollination of many fruits and crops. Hoverflies feeding on the pollen and nectar will be encouraged to breed, with their larvae eating greenfly to keep plants pest-free πŸ›. ---- Flowering plants available now for immediate colour include Nemesia, Poppy varieties, Pinks (Dianthus), Polemonium, and shrubs including Berberis darwinii AGM, choisya, ceanothus, weigela, lilac and many viburnum 🌱. ---- Young plants of many crops including tomatoes, peppers, chillis, cucumbers, strawberries, courgettes and squash can be planted directly into large pots or growing bags in the greenhouse or on a warm, sunny patio. Dozens of other crops like salad leaves, beans, rocket, spinach, beetroot and carrots can be grown from seed, so check the full range at your local garden centre now πŸ₯’.

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