Your Garden In September

Planning ahead

Many people think of the start of the gardening year as being Easter Weekend, but I’d say September should be the month you really get gardening, as this is the start of the best planting season on offer – the soil is still fairly warm from the summer and there’s a pretty big chance we will have had some rain… and warmish, moist soil is perfect for new plants to get established. So, take a long, hard look at your garden and if there is space for any trees or shrubs, get planting! Could sheds, walls or fences do with a prettier look? The solution is to cover them with climbers, your local garden centre or nursery will have plenty to choose from.

Don’t forget you may need to set up some support such as galvanized wires or trellis, so get that at the same time. Maybe you would like to increase the amount of Grow Your Own in your garden too? As well a this being a perfect time to plant fruit trees and bushes, you should also be able to buy and plant onion sets (mini
onions which, when planted now each form a full-size bulb in the summer), garlic and some veg plants such as radicchio, oriental veg, and cabbages for spring harvests. After all, having produced some of your own crops this year, why leave the veg plot empty?

This is also a good month for planting herbaceous perennials, those wonderful border-plants that put on a gorgeous display during the spring and summer then die back over the winter and re-appear the following spring. At this time of year they won’t look their best, but check out their potential on their labels and get them in the ground now….come the spring they’ll appear in all their glory.

You can also plant some spring flowering plants such as wall-flowers….and don’t forget the great display you can achieve in spring if you plant lots of bulbs now too,
add them to existing borders, new borders and patio pots and tubs!


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Pippa Greenwood

Pippa Greenwood
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