Summer Garden Tips

  • The Fragrance Wheel - The perfume industry developed the Fragrance Wheel to categorise different scents, giving them a descriptive language they can use. Fragrance directly changes our mood, too. Fruity and spicy perfumes are uplifting and reinvigorating, while floral and rosy perfumes reduce stress and anxiety, promoting mental balance. Fresh, green, herbal and citrus perfumes keep us mentally active and creative, while earthy scents can be comforting and nurturing.
  • Stay safe in the sun - When UVB radiation in sunlight reaches the skin it helps the body create vitamin D, which in turn helps us absorb calcium and phosphate from food that’s needed for healthy bones, teeth and muscles. From October to March the UVB levels in sunlight are too low to form vitamin D, and we rely on vitamins from our diet instead. While sunshine is certainly good for you, always take care to protect skin against its harmful affects by covering-up, putting on a hat and sunglasses, and wearing sunscreen.
  • Do you fancy some quiet ‘me time’? - Silent Space is a project promoting peaceful time in green and tranquil spaces – somewhere to switch off your phone, escape and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, stop talking, avoid social media, and let your body and mind wander. Several gardens are supporting Silent Space including Waterperry Gardens and Greys Court in Oxfordshire, and the Island Pavilion at Croome in Worcestershire, with others are invited to join them. Whether you want to walk in silence or just sit and contemplate the beautiful garden around you, in just a few minutes you’ll be reaping the restorative benefits of being in a peaceful green space. For more information visit The Quiet Garden Movement also creates opportunities to experience silence, restfulness and contemplative practices for rest, reflection and prayer. See