Mother’s Day Gifts for Garden Lovers

What will you surprise the important ladies in your life with this Mother's Day? We’re looking at ideas for Mother's Day gifts for garden lovers. All over the UK, there are wonderful people who deserve to feel celebrated on Mother’s Day. And we’ve got some fabulous gift ideas for the garden lovers among them.

Gifts That Keep on Giving

Cut flowers are great but they don’t last long. Neither do chocolates. So how about buying a gift with a bit more staying power? 

Might we suggest a special plant that will hold sentimental value? A houseplant maybe? Or perhaps a rose or a small tree? Ideally, your plant will be something that can grow in a planter. That way if your recipient ever moves home, their gift can move with them.

Gardening Books to Inspire and Entertain

Not every day can be a gardening day, especially in March! But a gal can easily plan her dream garden whilst relaxing on the sofa - if she has an inspirational book to read.

Most garden centres will have a comprehensive selection of gardening books for you to choose from. Does the special lady have a favourite celebrity gardener whose book she would enjoy? Is there a ‘type’ of gardening she enjoys more than anything else? Wildlife gardening? Veg growing? Container gardening? Greenhouse gardening? The choice of literature is vast.

Gift Ideas for Wildlife Lovers

One survey suggested that 87% of people in the UK want to bring more wildlife into their gardens. And there are dozens of gift-worthy ideas to help you do just that.

Choose from a huge array of bird feeders, nesting boxes, hedgehog homes, bee hotels, water features, carefully selected plants and so much more.

Most garden centres these days have areas dedicated to products which support and encourage garden wildlife. If you are shopping for plants, look out for symbols indicating that they are particularly pollinator-friendly.

Beautiful Garden Water Feature

Crafty Gift Ideas for the Garden

Gardens are incredibly personal spaces and what could be better for personalising any outdoor space than handmade items?

If the person you are buying for enjoys making things, why not treat her to some crafting supplies? or even a course where she can learn a new craft?

Willow weaving is becoming more and more popular these days and it’s possible to make some beautiful garden accessories. Some garden centres run willow weaving courses, or you can search online to find a tutor near you.

Alternatively, your special lady may like a DIY kit to create a bird feeder, a personalised planter or even some colourful bunting.

Gardening Essentials That Make Reliable Gifts

Have you ever noticed how some ladies are reluctant to buy helpful gadgets for themselves but thoroughly enjoy using them when they are bought for them? There are so many helpful tools available in the garden centres today that you’re bound to find the perfect gift for your favourite gardener.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Waterproof kneelers to make gardening more comfortable.
  • Long handled tools to save bending and stretching.
  • A selection of seeds.
  • An insulated mug to keep that cup of tea nice and warm.
  • Tool bag to keep everything together.
  • Outdoor speakers or headphones so she can enjoy her favourite gardening podcast while she’s working.
  • Electric propagator to get a head start in spring.
  • Comfy outdoor cushions and throws to encourage her to sit down and relax.
  • Outdoor fairy lights - everyone loves fairy lights don’t they?
  • Thornproof gardening gloves - worth every penny you spend on them.

Still Stuck for Ideas?

If you are still stuck for Gift ideas for the amazing women in your life, there’s one thing that nearly every lady will be able to make good use of. A National Garden Gift Voucher.

The vouchers can be redeemed at over 1400 garden centres right across the UK. As well as allowing the recipient to choose from thousands of gardening products, the voucher scheme supports some great causes. National Gardening Gift Vouchers are helping the Greenfingers charity to build hospice gardens.

You can buy National Garden Gift Vouchers from your local participating garden centre, or order them online from our website.