For the Love of Gardening

This is a celebration of all the things we love about gardening! We're using your entries to create an ode to gardening this July. Submit your entry to be part of our £50 voucher draw! TO ENTER - Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page with a short sentence telling us one thing you love about gardening!

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Sven mieke zl A7c39 Df Fk unsplash 1

The winner - From Karen Weedon in Romsey

Gardening makes me feel happy; but also the rainbow colours of my plants are loved by my elderly neighbours and they say it cheers them up too!

Nathan dumlao s Lz M2 Eo4 O0 unsplash

Growing beautiful flowers from a teeny tiny seed

Jess, Bridgend

Laura adai m9qo5k2x Ms8 unsplash

I love the way a garden evolves and changes through the seasons and the years. There's always something new to see, add or to improve.

Joanna, Ilkeston

Mohammad zeeshan JUML7y y Pc I unsplash

The sense of excitement, joy & pure pleasure you get from seeing my seeds germinate and grow. It doesn’t matter how old I get it’s always the same feeling since childhood

Lorraine, Wallasey

Renee fisher p J0 D2w GZ Rjw unsplash

To pause awhile to appreciate Mother Nature's beauty

Rose, Cornwall

Arno Smit- Summer House

I love gardening, it’s a place I find myself when I want to lose myself

Deborah, North Walsham

Scott webb 1ddol8rg UH8 unsplash

After 50 years l own a house with a small garden and enjoying pottering around

Sonia, North Walsham

Dan freeman night life

The peace and quiet, away from hustle & bustle of London Streets. The joy of watching things grow.

Theresa, London

Endri killo forest river

Love the calm feeling from gardening, being amongst and encouraging nature.

Kirsty, Perth

Tom bradley E Oiscq X Pmk M unsplash

Enjoying the peace and tranquillity, pottering in my lovely garden listening to the birds singing - so relaxing.

Tina, Crowborough

Benjamin Voros - Autumn Road

Just watching the seasons change through the beautiful colours of plants and foliage

Bridget, Harrogate

Jeremy boley z RCN Mo W goc unsplash

Spending time with my children, watching them having fun playing, laughing, seeing the joy and happiness on their faces being able to play in a garden now. I like the smell of cut grass and listening to the birds sing.

Joanna, North Walsham

Jeremy bishop Ew K Xn5 Cap A4 unsplash

Gardening is nature's medicine, it clears my mind, heals my soul and strengthens my body

Samantha, Norwich

Noah buscher x8 Z Stuk S2 PM unsplash


Sandra, Bognor Regis

Markus spiske 3r Gr Iig Bq8 Q unsplash

To watch a tiny seed develop into a tall, majestic sunflower or abundant tomato plants is awe inspiring

Karen, Cheltenham

Gaelle marcel q YVJW Nvs H7 Q unsplash

Mother Nature truly amazes me what can be produced with a bit of love and care each year.

Caren, London

Francesco gallarotti new growth

Absolutely everything, especially seeing something grow from seed

Susan, Padiham

Narinder pal p Li Jou A Ni4 unsplash

"A garden created with love and passion, will always trump one that's been designed as an expression of wealth and status"

Thomas, Falkirk

Dan smedley mother and child

Sharing the joy of gardening with my kids

Ruth, Bristol

Sean stratton Obp CE X3j6 U unsplash

Watching the bugs and bees enjoying the abundance of wild flowers, fruit and shrubs around my garden improves my mental health immensely.

Jennie, St Austell

Pexels scott webb 212942

Love gardening, but now disabled, so struggle bending down. Revamped garden to include two raised beds and have found them a godsend, and getting bigger hatvests.

Robert, Birmingham

Sigmund Y Uu SA Jk S3 U4 unsplash

I work all in an office with no natural daylight. My garden allow me to reboot my mental state at the end of the day

Kathy, Nottingham

Joshua j cotten T4 Ap S Olh D3g unsplash

I love that gardening destresses me, is a form of exercise and then gives rewards like beautifully coloured flowers, and flying and crawling visitors to my garden.

Tara, Exeter

Harpreet singh lady bug

To be surrounded by nature, watching something amazing growing from a seed to flowering or be ready to eat. And all the wildlife that it attracts.

Caroline, Newcastleton

Katelyn greer yei Yp Xx Tp E8 unsplash

In 2012 I was widowed, I went onto remarry but sadly in 2018 I lost my 14 year old Son, gardening helps with my grieving.

Holly, Dunmow

Nurpalah dee E4 Bc 14wk QQ unsplash

Seeing the amazement and joy on my grandchildren’s faces when they realise the seeds they plant grow into beautiful flowers. I love seeing the journey they go on 🌻

Paula, Treharris

Dave clubb garden mum

I only started making my garden this year and it has really helped with my mental health.

Elisabeth, Leicester

Dana luig pears

Enjoying the fruits of my labour.

Priscilla, Norwich

Sensei minimal a00 E6ma ZF10 unsplash

Being part of something bigger. My little garden can make a huge difference to so many bees, birds, bugs and other wildlife.

Jo, Chesterfield

Chad stembridge Tomatoes

I love gardening because it makes me feel happy when I see all my flowers and fruit blooming from all my hard work, it's very rewarding.

Amy, Bradford

Tiago fioreze Oq Nbbm Z8 RH8 unsplash

To sit back and watch my hard work spring into action with colour, life and vitality.

Elizabeth, Chesterfield

Arnel hasanovic- Spring Blooming

I love the smell of the garden. Blooms last a season, smell lasts forever!

John, Rosyth

Markus spiske ZK Ns Vqb RSPE unsplash 1

Such a rewarding and healthy hobby! I love seeing the different ways the garden changes!

Karen, Whyteleaf

Elaine casap tomatoes

It's a healthy productive way to relieve the stresses of the day. Nothing could be more satisfying.

Helen, Derby

Derek owens family in garden

After having my beautiful daughter 7 weeks ago, I get out to do gardening for a little me time

Lynsey, Co.Antrim

Tuan nguy n minh p Gr7g4l8 EOI unsplash 1

Gardening makes my heart happy. I love planting seeds and watching them grow into beautiful colourful flowers.

Karen, Herts

Devonshire Wild buckwheats

My garden is the one place I forget all my pain sorrow troubles best antidepressant

Annette, Cherry Willingham

Zero take L Ie A Pq4 Ldx4 unsplash

I love to see how the plants change each season, from what's in bloom to the colours, and also the nature that it attracts.

Nikki, Buckley

Kieran somerville Gtp J6n4t Ia E unsplash

I love that I never know exactly what will grow in my borders. The wind and the birds seem to be helping me to grow such an amazing variety of shape and colour.

Sue, Diss

Mary hammel H7 Hf J4 Fj Nq U unsplash

I adore seeing the flowers bloom and the garden fill with glorious colour and watching all the birds visiting the feeders. So relaxing

Julie, Swadlincote

Lucas calloch P yzuy WFE Ik unsplash

I adore seeing the flowers bloom and the garden fill with glorious colour and watching all the birds visiting the feeders. So relaxing

Marie, Southampton

Erol ahmed autumn trampoline

I enjoy discovering how each of my plants use the space and seasons to show off themselves to the best of their ability.

Jeremy, Llandrindod Wells

Thomas verbruggen c VYL Iz F6 Gh0 unsplash 1

I love gardening it makes me feel relaxed and stress free

Sima, Cheadle

Jay castor 7 Ac MUSYR Zp U unsplash

Gardening is my haven , my chill out zone and my happy place.

Pauline, Peebles

Aaron burden Busy Bee.png

I love my Garden as it offers me freedom without going anywhere, I also love the fact that the colours and flowers come out at different times, they attract visitors all year round.

Sharon, Northorpe

Paige cody z8g KIE4 Kz0 Y unsplash 1

I love spending time with my children making a mess and giving them something to enjoy doing. They love planting seeds and watching them grow. The end result is amazing

Skye, Ashford

Engin akyurt tomatoes

I love to pick the runner beans that I grow and have them for dinner. Likewise the tomatoes and raspberries. The roses and lilac and fuchsias also look pretty.

Petra, Sittingbourne

Kenny eliason qo6 mo9ds Yg unsplash

I LOVE gardening because it brings our local community together and my Mum with limited mobility can still get involved and enjoy the results, giving her much needed encouragement at a time so much has been taken away.

Krystal, London

Eddie kopp earth bender

While I am gardening I let go of all my worries and stresses. I enjoy the feeling of soil in my hands. I engage with all my senses and live in the moment. The scents wash over me and the colours bring me great joy.

Hannah, Colchester

Annie Spratt- Lady in the Woods

Getting outside in the fresh air gardening is getting one with nature

Rosa, Cheadle

Cassidy phillips windowledge garden

Gardening making my brain calm with this busy world of ours. it helps me forget the problems that this world creating. love the smell ,the colours of the flowers that my garden gave me. making my life easier when it needs be.

Jo, Sheffield

Lettuce grow z4 S0 MYNYT08 unsplash

Time to myself and forget all worries.

Sam, Torquay

Nathan dumlao xvac As7 Ky M4 unsplash

We've just got a new house with a proper garden and we're excited to restore it to its former glory!

Jane, Weybridge

Greg rosenkelady in forest

Gardening is my true love and passion, it gives me freedom and lets my inner happiness flow. It is pure escape and cleanses the sole. So much can be achieved and watching things grow is bliss xxx

Mags, Warrington

Kelly sikkema XX2 W Tb Lr3r8 unsplash

I love pottering around the garden with my husband, working separately but in harmony for a shared goal.

Angela, Lairg

Lina trochez kt P Ky Us3 Qjs unsplash

Better than pills for improving my wellbeing and reducing my blood pressure

Carol, Exeter

Linda segerfeldt o Ecsv Uf Cr1c unsplash

It chills me out

Charmaine, Birmingham

Liam pozz ef Ogkii Cdq U unsplash

We planted a lot of our flowers and trees when our children were babies, watching them all grow together through love, patience and nurture is a true joy.

Carrie, Aylesbury

Kenan kitchen Bbq3 H7e Gids unsplash

I love growing lots of veggies with my kids. It gets them excited about the food they eat and encourages them to try new, healthy things. It's so rewarding to see them helping themselves to fresh radishes, blueberries, peas etc from the garden instead of asking for some crisps.

Natasha, Whenham

Ajeet Panesar- Suet Balls

We LOVE gardening as it creates a beautiful, outdoor space that is a haven for our friends and family, as well as our wildlife visitors. 🌻 🦆

Nadia, Radnage

Siora photography 2 Prv Jjd TPI unsplash

Apart from the display and colour of the garden, I love the problem solving. Rewarding when things are not quite right.

Pauline, Ayelsbury

Nikolay dimitrov i ZJZ5v0sxcc unsplash

I love the headspace it gives me to reconnect with myself, Mother Nature and my loved ones.

Kendall, Reading

Christiann koepke peaches

I love gardening because its escapism whilst being productive and the end results are so rewarding!

Tia, Great Yarmouth

Kelsey chance Cut TQ Tt2 Hy I unsplash 1

I love the joy of friends & family when i give them a bunch of home grown flowers or fruit & veg and when I share my garden with them.

Anita, Kirkby

Francesco gallarotti new growth

The magic of seeds transforming into their magnificent beauty.

Clare, Rugby

Kieran somerville Z28 Q3z U OK8 unsplash

To plant a garden gives the promise of the most wonderful moments in life

Sue, Southport

Siora photography 2 Prv Jjd TPI unsplash 1

I love watching my hard work spring into colour and the beautiful scents

Katherine, Plymouth

Elisabeth walesgarden reading

I just love potching around, then sitting down with a book and a drink (soft/hot or alcoholic :))

Susan, Pontardulais

Richard brannen i I3 Th CMHCY8 unsplash

Watching the bees & butterflies come to my flowers

Julie, Rotherham

Heather wilde Symphytum asperum

I love watching the bees and butterflies enjoying the plants I have grown for them!

Hazel, Buxton

Andy Holmes- Busy Bee

The togetherness it brings as a family! Appreciating nature at it's finest. Save the bees, it's all about saving the bees!!

Sue, Hartlepool

Timothy kindrachuk VL Yxna j4w4 unsplash

I love watching the birds play in my bird bath at dusk and flying home to roost in the tree nearby 💚

Coral, Norwich

Masaaki komori No XUQ54p Dac unsplash

I love how colourful our garden is when all of the flowers bloom. It’s such a beautiful space to watch our children make memories together.

Hannah, Bristol

Markus spiske bk11w Zwb9 F4 unsplash

I love that even a small space can nourish the body and the soul.

Hazel, Colchester

Cathy holewinski long tailed tit

Teaching my baby girl about the birds, bees and small trees

Lyndsey, Rochester

Tyler nix NIR6 ZR1 Ity0 unsplash

I love, from young to old, its something we all enjoy and get pleasure from, it's our happy place

Linda, London

Uljana borodina Ftq OR3 Sy ENA unsplash

I love hearing the birds and watching the squirrels in my tall trees, we even have a hedgehog visit this year it is my special peaceful space if life becomes stressful

Sharon, Brighton

Artem Beliaikin- Lady on the Belcony

I love the relaxation that gardening provides, both the physical side of doing the work and the pleasure it gives me seeing the garden come into bloom, it's pure escapism!

Su, Tamworth

Wes hicks bw7cl Cz RM Ug unsplash

I love sharing my garden with nature and watching all the wildlife make use of the plants, shrubs and trees. If they are happy, I am happy.

Cherry, Penryn

Amy Harrison- Segregated Gardening

To increase biodiversity, create habitats, zero food miles and no chemicals on the food I grow and eat, creating shade from the summer heat and insulation in winter, creating carbon stores through trees and plants - al these things are important. But what is most important is sharing this with my children.

Louise, Norwich

Annie lang- Vegetable Basket

It is so satisfying being able to grow your own vegetables & see beautiful flowers bloom.

Bryony, London

Javardh Feather

It gave me a sense of peace and purpose after my grandfather passed away; he loved to garden, and I like to think he’s looking down on my efforts with pride (and amusement!)

Sophie, Surrey

Caroline hernandez dandelion gardening

It’s a brilliant way to get my daughter outside and away from screens - we love gardening together!

Siobhan, Cardiff

Clay banks power

The feeling of pride and satisfaction when you smell the heavenly fragrance of your sweet peas or take the first bite of that perfectly ripe and sweet strawberry

Rebecca, Beccles

Laurenz kleinheider a D Cs YOH Nzc A unsplash

I love the pause it offers to the pressures of everyday life ~ gardening is a brain tonic!

Jackie, Petersfield

Steffi pereira Pv Mut lv Wg unsplash

I enjoy growing our own fruit and vegetables, and sharing surplus with friends and neighbours. Healthier for us and better for the planet.

Frances, Preston

Philippe collard B4y0d F Oq510 unsplash

I love to pick home grown veg and immediately cook for dinner. From garden to plate in minutes. Can’t get fresher!

Elizabeth, Leicester

Tyler nix sitjg Gs VI As unsplash

Our garden has been our saviour. My husband has suffered from mental health problems for over thirty years. We love the joy of growing our own flowers and vegetables from seeds. The positive comments from neighbours and friends at the beauty of our garden and the enjoyment of sharing our produce with others including the birds!

Rose, Monmouth

Lina trochez kt P Ky Us3 Qjs unsplash 1

I love how gardening boosts my mental well-being!

Su, Petersfield

Melissa askew 8n00 Cqwnq O8 unsplash

It reminds me that good things come to those who wait and that if I want to feel connected with the earth, I simply have to step outside

Stacey, Stratford-upon-Avon

Trevor pye Kyao T3 NKN2s unsplash

Gardening has given me my life back, my mental health and my zest for the outdoors. Growing things and looking after them has given me a reason to keep going.

Debbie, Birmingham

Jonathan borba Ij5m Ky WLNX0 unsplash

Gardening heals my mind and soul. A perfect way to de-stress and help nature

Jackie, Alsager

Priscilla du preez JCZ2p E Szpw unsplash

it great to get outdoor and spent 10 to 20 minutes doing something relaxing and rewarding its a bit of fresh air and a bit of exercise also . and if you have a pond it attracts wildlife

Robert, Batley

Kenny orr 1 V4pto9tl X8 unsplash

Seeing all the wildlife coming into a garden you created is the most pleasurable experience ever!

Lynn, Doncaster

Han chenxu pink flower wallpaper

From seed to flower, Its beautiful to see your garden come alive and have the enjoyment through the season.

Adele, Melksham

Flash dantz orange day-lily

I love finding joy in the parts of nature that others may overlook… making a wish while blowing a dandelion clock, the excitement of hedge bindweed (popping flowers!), the daisy love-me-love-me-not scenario and the buttercup’s phenomenon of really finding out if someone loves the yellow stuff or not … the satisfaction and fun is never-ending!

Liz, Berkshire

Nadiia ganzhyi or b Ys jghk unsplash

I love growing food.

Ruth, Chesterfield

Valentina locatelli P8bsrm8 Kb M0 unsplash

For me it's the peace and tranquility wether it be day or night. To sit back and gaze at the rewards of your efforts are plentiful. My garden is my little piece of heaven ❤

Tracy, Wolverhampton

Markus spiske bk11w Zwb9 F4 unsplash 1

My parents gave me my own little garden to tend as a small child – I find peace and tranquillity in my garden. I love this verse..... The kiss of the sun for pardon, The song of the birds for mirth, One is nearer God's Heart in a garden Than anywhere else on Earth. (I find this verse to be so true)

Carol, Wisbech

Aldo delara- Photo Cactus

I love growing plants and flowers and then finding joy in photographing them and the wonderful insects who are attracted to them.

Lorna, Purley

Markus spiske l1sz772s EFE unsplash

My garden is my sanctuary,my gathering place, my place of new growth, I love how much its taught me;patience,joy, nature,how to relax and the happiness of my hands in the dirt growing my own vegetables and flowers

Julie, Hatfield

Matt montgomery 2f W55m L Si SQ unsplash

Learning how to grow things in my first garden, some successes and some disasters!

Sophie, Wigston

Gus moretta family

Gardening envelops me in warm hug every time, from sharing thoughts with my dad’s memorial rose, nurturing seedlings to maturity, to sharing some of my fruit and veg with the abundant insects that visit. It’s my chocolate!

Sharon, Westcliff

Julie blake edison n T942 Uez Cx A unsplash

It's so rewarding to see what you've done

Sarah, Poole

Aaron Burden Butterfly.png

I love the calming effect of sharing my space with birds, bees, butterflies and all the creatures who love the plants I have grown from seed, as much as I love their changing colours, scents and shapes.

Kati, Sunderland

Yoksel zok 5a TLI Ud Ob8 M unsplash

I love watching the spring flowers come through after winter and balancing my garden so I always have pops of colour to enjoy.

Becky, Sutton Coldfield

Savvas kalimeris f0v Ns A4fa UU unsplash

Being surrounded by so much life and colour and beauty

Christina, Milton Keynes

Benjamin Elliott- Lady at Window

Gardening is my safe space, helping me unwind and de stress and re connect with nature. Sharing my garden with my loved ones and inspiring them to create their own natural spaces in the home and community.

Kayleigh-Ann, Shrewsbury

Martin sanchez d A3y1xxv Bn U unsplash

Gardening makes me put my phone down, escape social media and focus on the positive aspects of gardening. Nothing beats nurturing and growing your own flowers, fruit and veg and I love the outcomes each year. Escaping to deadhead the bedding plants or pick a crop of fresh tomatoes at the end of the day - nothing beats it.

Laura, Ashby de la Zouch

Daniel oberg biodegrabale pots

Knowing that one tiny seed with a bit of care and patience can produce something wonderful.

June, North Cave

Dale nibbe forests

Spending relaxing time in nature

Cally, Yeovil

Laszlo glatz C Seb G4c Bg Xs unsplash

I just love seeing seeds and seeing the first green shoots come through

Phyllis, Swansea

Lettuce grow z4 S0 MYNYT08 unsplash 1

I love gardening because it’s a complete escape from my day job nursing, I can come home from work spend time pottering around the garden and all the stresses of the day melt away. Both plants for show and plants to eat are my escape.

Ceri, Llandrindod wells

Nathan mcbride mata2b Oz7i E unsplash

Being at one with nature

Jen, London

Yoksel zok p I4vjj A1q C8 unsplash

Pure mindfulness, whatever the season, from the first snowdrops bringing their promise of spring, to my frogspawn becoming tiny froglets, random plants springing up here & there, & my feathered friends visiting, to the absolute excitement of watching, for the first time ever at the age of 66, a leaf cutter bee taking a leaf into my insect house! Absolute bliss 💕🐝

Trish, Macclesfield

Smrithi rao F P11 Uq4d L8 unsplash

I love having the garden as an extension to our home… making it several extras rooms to enjoy throughout the year.. it’s such an important aspect of daily life

Tina, Bubwith

Erol ahmed agave mcro

I love gardening because it's therapeutic and really good for my mental wellbeing!

Jay, Minehead

Sage friedman HS5 C Ln Qb C Oc unsplash

I love going out every morning to check on what's going on in the garden and popping out for a potter during the day. Keep's me connected with nature.

Linda, Woodbridge

Annie Spratt- Indoor  Greenhouse

I love the changing seasons, always something you can do outside, fresh air, colours, smells, I even like the country smells, and there’s always the greenhouse if weathers too bad.

Carol, Longframlington

Bob brewer Long Tailed Tit

I have really enjoyed watching the birds in my garden this year. They flutter in the bird bath and gather insects and worms by the beak full. I have a very bird-friendly garden!

Helen, Morpeth

Javardh feather

Mindfulness - fresh air, peace, sunlight, colours and scents!

Kerry, Sutton in Ashfield

Mhmd ri Ypp Yjeltk unsplash

A garden is a lovesome thing and a joy, or it is a job, for ever!

Anthea, West Moors

Annie Spratt- Crocus Snow Flower

The excitement of the plants springing to life after winter followed by the show and scent produced until winter returns.

Brenda, Dumfries

Thiago cerqueira Wr3 H Gvx RSM unsplash

Life is better in the garden

Andrea, Bognor Regis

Osman hussaini 2 C Fb Vi7ih9w unsplash 1

The best part of gardening is visiting the garden centre beforehand to browse and purchase the lovely flowers and even better to come with a friend or relative to spend time together.

Mandy, Harlow

Brigitte tohm Autumn harvest

I love the pride on my husband's face when he brings home his lovingly grown produce. Whether it's a handful of blackberries or a wheelbarrow full of squash it's all really appreciated

Sharon, Brixham

Elisa ventur bm JAX Az6ads unsplash

I love gardening because it frees my mind from the stresses of everyday life

Samantha, Chesterfield

Toni hukkanen Ds46 Ax zg unsplash

As well as our little vegetable patch, our garden is a haven and nurturing place for us and for wildlife. We grow our own plants from seed with that in mind, and try to make our garden full of colour and joy. We share it with the birds, we share It with the bees, we share with bats and butterflies that drift by on the breeze. We share with fox and hedgehog, with mice and toads and frogs. With worms and creepy crawlies lurking under stones and logs. If you work with mother nature and lavish her with care. Your garden space, will be the place that's a joy you'll want to share.

Annie, Evesham

Fuu j Beach Lady

It feeds the soul!

Julie, St Neots